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JD Reynolds is an artist
in the truest sense of the word.

The world of country music is paying attention to Australian country music artist JD Reynolds. JD produced, performed and wrote her newly released debut album "WHATEVER" which is packed with hit after hit. Her powerful song "8 Seconds" hit the highly coveted #1 spot on Australian Country Radio during 2023 Grammy week. JD backed that up with her exquisite song "A Little Piece of Your Heart" hitting #1 on Australian Country Radio only 3 weeks after its release, and it remained at #1 for 3 weeks in a row and stayed in the Top 10 for 10 consecutive weeks, making it the 7th most charted song for 2023 on Australian Country Radio. JD doesn't miss. Her newest single "Hourglass Sand" reached #1 on Australian Country Radio. That's three number 1 hits and two top ten hits on her debut album. Keep in mind JD is an independent artist. We checked. JD is the first female independent country music artist with a self-produced, self-written and performed debut album with 3 No.1 hit songs on it. 


The incredible singer, songwriter, neoteric producer and award-winning choreographer has achieved international acclaim with her fresh twist on country music. The world of Professional Bull Riding all around the globe from Australia, USA, Canada to Brazil is pumped about her powerful song ‘8 Seconds’. So much so, within 24 hours of The Australian PBR announcing JD was performing LIVE at the PBR Monster Energy K Ranch Invitational, the event SOLD OUT with fans clamouring to get a $55 ticket any way they could, some fans paid over $400 for a scalpers ticket just to see JD Reynolds. It was the only PBR SOLD OUT event in 2022 and remains the only SOLD OUT PBR event since. 


JD has graced the cover of Nashville Country Music Magazine and the glossy pages of Cowboys & Indians Magazine, being labelled “Country’s new ‘it’ girl”. For a new artist, JD has millions of combined song streams with smash hits such as "Whatever" and "Rebound". JD's girl-power anthem "Whatever" hit #5 on KIX Hottest 20 and #8 on Australian Country Radio AND made the Hottest 50 songs of 2021. "Whatever" caused such a stir that the music video premiered on Country Rebel to over 8 million viewers.


JD Reynolds creates a buzz in country music that has the likes of the biggest US media outlets such as NEWSMAX, Country Rebel and Guitar Girl Magazine all wanting to know who country’s new ‘it’ girl is and what inspires her fresh twist on country which already has its own country genre, “The JD Sound”. Speaking with JD LIVE with over 3 million viewers in New York, NEWSMAX told JD she has “a lot of folk’s attention” and congratulates her on being a "major player in terms of music”. And they are spot on.

As a trained dancer and award-winning choreographer, JD needs to dance her own moves as well as sing her own words and melodies. “Dance is a part of who I am, for me, dance is an expression of the soul, expressing what words simply cannot”. The three together have been described as “cutting edge visual poetry.” 


Captivating those who hear her and mesmerizing those who see her, JD knows how to make country sound great and look even better.


JD Reynolds is what country fans have been waiting for.


JD Reynolds. Singularly original.

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“Whatever” is a swaggering celebration of girls-night-out, sisterhood-is-powerful solidarity.”
- Cowboys & Indians Magazine 


"Look out Country Music video world… JD Reynolds has left her mark! WHATEVER… Just in time for going back out on the town. Outtakes… worth the wait."
- The Hollywood Times 


"JD Reynolds released her unapologetic, vivacious single "WHATEVER," which is filled with a lot of sass and attitude. The listener can recall Shania Twain meets Gretchen Wilson."
- Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal


"JD Reynolds lays it on the line with a ‘no muss no fuss‘ performance in her new video for “Whatever”!"
- Guitar Girl Magazine

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